The TeraNote Entertainment Group
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TeraNote Studios opened for business in Morehead City, North Carolina, in August, 2016.  This opening formalized the recording business began as TeraNote Records in 2014, together with construction of the physical studio in late 2015 and early 2016.  TeraNote Studios and TeraNote Records operate as divisions of TeraNote Entertainment, LLC.


As a full-service Audio and Video studio, TeraNote offers both studio and location music recording, voice-over, Foley, Automatic Dialog Replacement (ADR), sound effects, composition, recording, mixing and mastering as well as advanced audio analysis including recovery, restoration and audio forensics, Videography, online (NTSC) and offline (SDI SD/HD) video editing and post production.  We record and mix music, producing media in multiple formats as well as producing mechanical CDs and DVDs. We also produce soundtrack stems, Mixing, Re-Recording Mixing, Location Audio and Audio post production for Film and TV.  We have libraries of music available including copyright buyout content.  We do audio post production for film and TV, Videography SD/HD, Video Editing, video compositing (green and blue screen), and CGI.

Doug Gould - President & CEO of the TeraNote Entertainment Group. Doug oversees all of the operations of the TeraNote family of companies and brings large scale production experience from music, stage and TV to the companies. Classically trained as a musician and engineer, Doug's perfect pitch and rhythm lend a highly talented ear to productions and raise the bar. Doug has been a performer, actor, director, production manager and producer for large commercial productions and brings that expertise to TeraNote. Doug's talents include recording, mixing, mastering, videography, editing, design, marketing and management.
Nicole Kirch - Chief Engineer, TeraNote Entertainment Group. Nicole brings extensive experience as a musician and audio engineer to the TeraNote family of companies. Nicole's degrees include Sound Design and Electrical Engineering Technology. Her experience includes sound for film as a member of a film crew, and Nicole is a working musician and performer currently in two bands. She oversees day to day operation of the Studio and TeraNote Operations.