The TeraNote Entertainment Group  TeraNote Studios

We are a Pro Tools shop with a vintage 40 channel analog recording board, a 2”, 24-track deck, and Pro Tools 12. We can mix up to 96 tracks at once. Our Pro Tools is powered by a 64-bit computing platform with a mixing control surface and large storage area network for

project storage.  We use the entire iZotope suite including Alloy channel strips, Ozone 7 Advanced, Nectar 2 Production Suite iZotope Post Production Suite, Neutron Advanced, BreakTweaker, Stutter Edit, Iris, the RX suite, etc.


We have the capability to master to broadcast loudness standards, including

BS.1770-1 (Global),

BS.1770-2-3 (Global),

EBU R128 (Europe),

EBU R128 s1 (Europe),

AGCOM 219/09/CSP (Italy),

ATSC A/85 (U.S.),

OP-59 (Australia) or

ARIB TR-B32 (Japan)


iZotope RX3, RX4 and RX5 remove pops, reverb on a vocal track and enable editing background noise.  These and other tools are used in the process of Audio Sweetening.


We have many music compositions in copyright buyout production music libraries.  So we can add background music as required, without encountering additional royalty obligations.  We have a production system for sampling, composition and recording, and a sound creation system to create previously unheard sounds and effects.  Affiliated composers are able to provide new music as required for other performers or perform themselves.


We have two SDI SD/HD digital decks (A/B roll) that are locked via SMPTE time code to our audio recording/editing/mixing system allowing us to mix diaglogue, ADR, music, Foley and special effects as Stems as well as re-recording mixing for the final track.  Video time base correctors and format converters up/down convert from HD to NTSC and vice versa as well as format transcoding between PAL, SECAM, NTSC and SDI formats and insert/remove up to 8 audio tracks in an SDI data stream.


Our house sync is from a broadcast Kramer Master Sync generator.

We have in-house talent for location audio including boom ops and up to 16 track, 24-bit 192k sample rate, location recording capability.


Our collection of microphones includes Electro-Voice RE-20, Sennheiser MD-421, E-609's, AKG D-5000's, large and small diaphragm condenser mics, tube microphones, specialty instrument mics including the Sennheiser Countryman mic, shotgun and reference mics and a wide variety of dynamic microphones from a broad variety of manufacturers.

We have complete DVD authoring tools including complex menuing, graphics and audio, and can also create Blu-Ray masters. If any of these capabilities are of use ... please let me know and we'll drill down on specifics.


We have CD and DVD manufacturing capability including a Tascam CD Mastering Recorder, Diskmakers production duplication capability and a Primavera robotic disk printer.  We can produce 250 DVD's or 500 CD's per day at full capacity (although we need lead time to order media for large orders - we keep about 600 blank printable CD's and 100 blank printable DVDs in stock).


We have legacy capability including a cassette and DAT playback capabilities, and with the RX suite can recover even damaged audio tracks, as well as perform audio forensics.


We have a collection of in-house instruments including synthesizers, guitars, percussion, flute and violin and have access to session player musicians and several noted composers as well.

The recording room itself is a 13' x 20' room with a 5' x 8' ISO Booth.  The control room is a separate 12' x 16' room with live video between Control and Recording rooms and the ISO booth.


The entire studio is on an isolated power system with a special shielded isolation transformer and isolated ground receptacles.  We have taken special acoustic isolation precautions including extensive use of Owens-Corning 703 acoustic absorption panels.  The ISO booth is a separate brick enclosed room with a full ISO door.


We collaborate with several video production companies and can assemble a 3-camera crew with some advance notice.  We offer HD green screen and compositing in our Morehead City studio, and multi camera NTSC with digital switching effects.


Advance booking is required.


Consider TeraNote Studios, conveniently located in Morehead City, NC, close to Atlantic Beach, for your next project.